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Siri vikas Doota

Agriculture has always been the backbone of India, and at Siri Seeds, we understand the crucial role farmers play in feeding the nation. To connect farmers with the latest agricultural innovations, we proudly launched the SIRI VIKAS DHOOTA initiative. Over the past three years, this program has been essential in fostering growth and driving agricultural advancements by linking farmers across India with our organization.


Main Objectives of SIRI VIKAS DHOOTA


  1. Increasing Reach and Awareness

   SIRI VIKAS DHOOTA aims to spread the word about Siri Seeds and its products. Through workshops, seminars, and on-field events, we ensure that farmers understand the quality and benefits of our seeds.


  1. Launch Pad for Demo Hybrids

   This initiative introduces our demo hybrids to farmers, gathering feedback to refine and improve our products. This helps us tailor our seeds to meet specific needs and environmental conditions.


  1. Forming an Advisory Group of Farmers

   We have created an advisory group of experienced farmers to guide us on agronomy. Their insights ensure our products and practices address real-world farming challenges.




  1. Farmer Registration and Involvement

   Over 5,000 farmers are registered as SIRI VIKAS DHOOTAS, acting as ambassadors in their territories. In each region, 20 progressive farmers form a group to enhance local reach.


  1. Distribution of Free Hybrid Samples

   Registered farmers receive free samples of our demo hybrids each season, allowing them to test and provide feedback on our products.


  1. Workshops and On-field Demonstrations

   We conduct workshops and field demonstrations to teach modern farming techniques, crop management, pest control, and soil health.


  1. Pre and Post-Season Trainings and Field Visits

   The initiative includes pre and post-season training, field visits, and Village Level Meetings (VLMs) to provide recommendations on agronomy practices.


  1. Dissemination of Information Kits

   Each season, we distribute demo seeds and Product Information Kits containing essential information about yield, crop shift, and rainfall patterns.


Key Activities and Achievements


  1. Educating and Training Farmers

   Over the past three years, we have focused on educating farmers through various training programs, helping them increase their yields and improve their livelihoods.


  1. Sharing Vital Information

   We provide crucial information about yield, crop shifts, and rainfall patterns, enabling farmers to make informed decisions and adapt to changing conditions.


  1. Creating a Supportive Community

   SIRI VIKAS DHOOTA has fostered a community where farmers can share experiences, challenges, and successes, encouraging the adoption of innovative practices and mutual growth.


Highlighting Our Journey


As we celebrate three years of SIRI VIKAS DHOOTA, we take pride in the positive impact we’ve made. Farmers have achieved higher yields, adopted sustainable practices, and improved their economic conditions, thanks to our support and resources.


Looking Ahead


The success of SIRI VIKAS DHOOTA is just the beginning. We are committed to expanding our reach, introducing more innovative products, and providing greater support to the farming community. Our vision is to create a thriving agricultural ecosystem where farmers are empowered and equipped to face the future with confidence.


In conclusion, SIRI VIKAS DHOOTA is more than an initiative; it’s a movement toward a more prosperous and sustainable agricultural future for India. We invite farmers from all corners of the country to join us in sowing the seeds of success and growth.


For more information about SIRI VIKAS DHOOTA and how you can get involved, please visit our website or contact us directly. Let’s cultivate a brighter future, one seed at a time.

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