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About Us

About Us


For more than two decades, Siri Seeds has set its focus and commitment consistently on empowering Indian farmers, the backbone and the most indispensable part of human lives. With a pioneering presence in high-quality seeds manufacturing, R&D and distribution, Siri is dedicated to encouraging sustainable farming, in line with the ever-growing climatic, geological, geographical challenges and demands.

Siri – Strengths

Relentless Innovation

Siri Seeds continues to invest significantly in innovation, which is at the heart of sustaining high-quality and marketable seed production. We are wary of the diverse climatic and geological conditions that adorn this vast nation and also several other pockets outside India, so we direct our research and innovation to bring out varieties that stand these tests and ensure viability and compatibility. Our R&D unit has been recognized by DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India since 2011.

Global collaborations

Siri Seeds India has an MOA to acquire the maize germplasm with the International Maize Improvement Consortium (IMIC) of CIMYYT - Mexico and for Pearl Millet with the International Crop Research Institute for Semi-Arid Crops (ICRISAT) and is all set to develop similar collaborations with other international institutes in the future. We have a technical collaboration with CCSHAU-HISSAR and ICAR-Indian Institute of Rice Research, Hyderabad. We are also a active Member of IRRI-Philippines to access elite rice germplasm.

Comprehensive Processing

A world-class processing zone, spread across a seamless expanse near Hyderabad, is endowed with premier features that facilitate topnotch manufacturing. Siri Seeds is a proud part of an enviable research and technological ecosystem of Hyderabad, and Siri Seeds enforces stringent regulatory, quality, and safety compliance.

Unmatched distribution

Siri Seeds proudly owns a pan-India network with over 1000 distributors, catering to more than 4000 retailers. The trusted partners in our mission, they perpetually reach to the farmers in their own geographies, delivering timely and proactively a broad product range.

Product Range

Over 60 products in the areas of maize, paddy, millet, sunflower, vegetables, and fodder make us a formidable player in the value chain that reaches farmers, food companies, and finally the customer.

Genetic backbone

Siri Seeds is essentially a science-driven company with its genesis fixed on deep, comprehensive genetic resources that fuel the R&D endeavours. We unfailingly assort and process exhaustive genetic feed from all over the world that is paramount to our research and mission to develop seeds with new traits.