Siri Seeds

Supply Chain -

Processing Plant

We have processing; packaging unit at Nacharam, Wargal Mandal of Medak District, Andhra Pradesh. Plant is about 54 KM from Hyderabad on Toopran – Gajwel route in 5.5 Ac area. Processing plant has running capacity of 16 MT per hour and its capacity can be enhanced further with minor modification.

Gas Dryer

A). We have gas cob drying facility with 6 drying bins, each having   capacity of about 7 MT. Mostly Maize Cobs is used for drying exclusive for Parent seed
Gas Drying will not only help in uniform drying of seed but also protects the quality and shelf life of seeds.
B) In 2021. We have built new Cob Dryer with a capacity of 400 MT


We have four 16000 Sq. ft.=64000 Sq. ft warehouse in the plant premises and can store about 4000-5000 MT of Seed. Separate space has been designated for Vegetable seed processing, packing, testing, and storing.

Processing, Stroage & Packing-Plant Nacharam, Mulugu

Maize Cob Drying Unit-Plan

Processing, Packing & Storage Godown-I

Seed Grading & Packing Machinery

Seed Grading & Packing Machinery

Processing, Packing & Storage Godown-III

Processing, Packing & Storage Godown-IV

Vegetable Pack Printer

Seed Germination Chamber