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R & D-Facility

Research forms the most crucial component at Siri Seeds where the company has been steadily yet handsomely investing both time and money in the development of research operations. Where constant innovation is the heart of the seed development, Siri Seeds doesn’t leave any stone unturned in this direction, hiring best minds and deploying the best of infrastructure on international standards.

Our R&D is located at Danthanpally, Toopran, 50km outside Hyderabad and two substations equipped with comprehensive facilities. These enable handling of breeding programmes for maize, rice and pearl millet and also are the hubs for testing new products, maintaining Germplast purity and multiply breeder seed. Siri Seeds has also deployed dedicated breeders, crop-wise that are engaged in characterization and evaluation of elite germplasm and its subsequent use in crop-breeding programmes.

R&D – Maize Lines Verification

R&D Maize Lines – Identification & Evaluation


R&D Maize Lines Performance Review


R&D – Paddy Activities

R&D Paddy Lines Verification and Evaluation


R&D – Paddy


R&D – Paddy Lines performance verification


R&D – Bajra Lines Evaluation Activities


R&D – Bajra New Lines Performance


Infrasturcture at R&D


Pollen Study by Microscope

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Digital Seed Counter & Rice Miller

R&D - Infrastructure

Rice Dehusker

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Temperature Maintaining room

Germination & Quality Control

Germination Count

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Germination Test-Soil

R&D Facility

A full-fledged R&D centre at Danthanpally in around 20 acres, with two satellite sub stations having all required facilities is fully operational to handle the breeding programs of Maize, Rice and Pearl Millet and to test new products, maintain Germplasm purity and multiply breeder seed. Dedicated crop wise breeders are engaged in characterization and evaluation of elite germplasm and its subsequent use in their crop breeding programs.

Siri Seed Bank

We have customized and specified germplasm cold store for long- term and short-term cold storage facilities at two sites.